Demand supplied

Three Oceans is geared to meet the demands of todays food service industry and we do this through a combination of three key skill sets and capabilities. They are; modern, responsive and flexible production, a high capacity frozen storage facility and highly efficient logistics.

Responsive production capability

To be genuinely responsive requires the ability to efficiently change the production line set up to meet any given product demands at short notice. Our modular production line is run like a well choreographed ensemble, enabling us to seamlessly switch between product types without any disruption to output, whilst meticulously adhering to rigorous food standards.

We are also certified for Gluten Free production, switching the entire production line to Gluten Free following an over night full hygiene clean ready to start production the next morning.

Modern frozen storage

Our frozen storage facility has a 1000 pallet capacity at a controlled temperature of -22ºc. We use it to hold a combination of raw material for production and finished product for delivery, the balance of which is meticulously managed by our production and sales teams to ensure a constant flow through our Hull based facility.

Expert logistics

We are experts in logistics, a bold claim we can confidently make because of the expertise we have developed over many years. Our logistics team move raw product around the world with military precision, linking up fisheries with primary processing operations and then shipping by land or sea to our Hull facility for production and sales distribution. Our mantra is “always on time - every time” and our logistics runs like clockwork every single day. Just ask any of our clients.

Modern production methods, frozen storage and expert logistics working together to supply the demands of todays food service industry